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ASP .NET Software Development

Our Expertise in Microsoft Software Development ( ASP .Net Development )


Microsoft ASP .NET Software Development

Software Development Services Based on ASP.Net offers our clients to design develop and integrate applications accordingly. By utilizing the full capability of Microsoft .NET functionality, our team develops and delivers comprehensive solutions.

Provided by Microsoft, ASP.Net is a framework for Web application development for developing dynamic web applications. Developers on our team have extensive experience carrying out complex and large scale web applications.

Related to .Net web application development, the ASP .NET Framework is Microsoft’s comprehensive platform which hosts a plethora of features blended with a visually stunning user experience. It also provides seamless and secure communication, and it’s alsohas the ability of replicating a huge range of business processes.

The .NET Framework consists:-
  • CLR(Common Language Runtime) – over the OS , Provides an abstraction layer
  • Base Class Libraries –for low-level programming , pre-built code
  • Development frameworks India –For high level programming, reusable and customization modules
The Benefits of Microsoft Application Development with ASP.Net are as follows:
  • While building large scale applications ASP.Net exhibit optimized coding
  • The High speed of development
  • With ASP.Net application, built-in windows authentication can be made secure with application configuration.
  • cross-platform migration availability
  • Increased productivity, Security, Reliability
  • By drag and drop actions it provides an IDE environment with facilitating the usage of all tools
  • With its run-time environment all the processes are better handled and managed by ASP.Net. it is immediately replaced by new process In case if any dead process is found
  • With more than one language With ASP.Net you can partition your code which gives the .Net developers the independence of using the language they feel more comfortable with.
We at Codemaximus also offer:-
  • For application development, Customized ASP.Net software package
  • Web based application development
  • consulting for ASP.Net
  • migration for Software application
  • design evaluation for ASP.Net
  • service provision for .Net web
Our Expertise:-
  • Management & Planning for Project
  • Design, Architecture and Analysis
  • Prototyping and Demo
  • Developing Sequence Diagrams, Use Cases, Class Diagrams etc.
  • Performance Tuning and Debugging
Technical Capabilities for User Interface layer

The Use of Web Client and Smart Client Factories

  • custom controls, asynchronous data and message processing, custom designers, modern look-n-feel, 2D Graphics, GDI+, font management
  • custom frameworks, controls, caching, XML/XSLT, Ajax, XHTML
  • The Silver Light (2.0, 3.0, 4.0, And 5.0)
  • The Flash/Flex/Action Script
  • The W3C Compliant Code
Technical Capabilities for Middle Tier

The Use of Microsoft Web Service Factory

  • SOAP customization , Web Service Extensions, XSD usage
  • distributed transactions (Enterprise Services)
  • Windows Communication Framework .Net 4 (WCF)
  • Custom Rules Engine , Custom Activities
Technical Capabilities for Data Layer
  • advanced Dataset management, caching, synchronization, automation of data access layer (Offline Database processing)
  • Persistence Layer & Typed Queries Object
  • The Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, OLAP (Reporting)
  • The LINQ (.Net 3.5)
  • The ADO. Net Entity Framework (.Net 3.5)
Technical Capabilities for Advanced Programming
  • dynamic emitting of assemblies, Code DOM, custom attributes, auto generation of Web Service proxy (Reflection)
  • windows authorization, asp.Net Membership, cryptography usage (Security)
  • The COM Interop, IE, Invoke, MS Office and shell integration
  • synchronization, thread-safe UI, thread pooling, com Interop apartments management (Multi-threading)
  • custom, selective, versioning support (Serialization)
  • web deployment, auto-upgrades (Deployment)
  • multi-language application support (Globalization)
  • SQL Server CE (.NET Compact Framework)
Technical Capabilities for Tools
  • The Microsoft Enterprise Library
  • The Unit testing framework.
  • The Version Control system
  • The Visual Source Safe
  • The Project Tracking
  • The Bug Tracking
  • The Third Party Controls for asp.Net
Hire our .Net Development Team:

Based on your requirements you can hire our development team to work on your next ASP.NET project.