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Oracle Support Services


Oracle Support Services

Now a day’s finding and hiring experienced Oracle IT professionals is more challenging than before. It will take long time for them to experience and create expertise which is necessary to support what can be an extremely complex environment in spite of new professionals entering the oracle support expertise.

The employee retention becomes an issue because the salary demands are typically high as most of these professional desire variety and new challenges whenever a company hires an experienced professional so to over come from all these issues is to connect with the Codemaximus oracle support database consulting services

With our 15+ years of experience team in Oracle at Codemaximus we provide, design, implement and administer maintenance, proactive monitoring, fine tune, emergency service & best practices to any Oracle database. To provide reliable, scalable, high-performing Oracle systems we also provide services for application from designing and architecting new database systems.

On a predetermined schedule or as-needed basis, we do remote monitoring of the OS, database, oracle application server and oracle support applications which allows us to collect and provide automated analysis of all Oracle database statistics.

For each client we utilize a primary assigned technician and these technician works closely with the client for better understanding the client’s business and technical requirements & plans. To provide true consulting services this always allows us to meet the organization’s goals.

Benefits of Codemaximus Oracle Services:
  • The Cost reduction
  • The Increased up time
  • For taking remedial tasks of existing staff so that they can work on more strategic projects
  • To fit your needs for Competitive pricing & custom tailored services
Software Management
  • The Installation and configuration
  • The Upgrades
Data Management
  • Loads of unloads and Data
  • The Data integrity checks
Resource Management
  • To Create and manage tables
  • To Create and manage indexes
  • To allocate and manage physical storage structures
  • To allocate and manage logical storage structures
  • To perform capacity planning
  • For Schema design
Security Services
  • The User management
  • The Role management
  • The Password recovery/reset
Backup & Recovery Services
  • for the client to develop backup and recovery strategies that are appropriate
  • To Manage and implement backup & recovery procedures
  • The Recovery
Advanced Configuration
  • The DR Replication
  • The Oracle RAC1