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Software Development


Software Development Company
Requirement analysis and Feasibility Analysis

Software Development by analyzing the functional and non- functional Requirements from SRS (Software requirement specification) we do feasibility of the Project and then we do discussion with the clients for project scope and objective and when client finalize the requirements then we start working on it.

Application Design

To make all the milestones we design the Layout of the Project and clear in starting itself so that no point remains untouched.

Software Development Phase

We move forward with the Software development phase Post designing the layout and the structure on milestone basis, so you can also track the Progress of the work with us. To gather validated learning about the product we also propose the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with just enough features and check feasibility when client has any chaos in their mind about the durability of the Software Development Project.

Implementation & Maintenance with support

When we are good for delivery, after completing all the stages and milestones, we implement the things on Client side & give Maintenance & Support as desired by customer.

Agile / Collaborative Projects

In a distributed environment extending your existing team. Certainly requires some adoptions but that does not always mean. We shall transform our approach to agile development in an “agile” approach. From the others, we know that there is always place for improvement & we know that both you and we may learn some best practices.

By working with this model clients see the following benefits
    • While reducing oversight errors and the time spent for code review coding standards ensure uniform coding
    • TDD (Test Driven Development) produces verified code more rapidly
    • To release, Pair Programming enables faster time while contributing more creative and sophisticated ideas to problem resolution
    • In the project cycle Configuration Management avoids delivery delays.
    • for Simplicity , Designing results in simpler and cleaner code chunks
    • In the development process Peer Team Reviews detect and remove defects as early as possible
    • Into the project, management introduces transparency and tractability through comprehensive performance reporting and KPIs Collaborative Agile.