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Web Design & Web Development

Customers every day are placing more and more importance on a business’s online presence, so are you equipped with the best web design for your company? Companies tend to lose online sales based on the physical outlook of their website because the online buyer is often apprehensive about the legitimacy and increasing credit card frauds don’t help in that matter either.

Code Maximus offers web development, web server configuration, and many more services all using the latest technology in Toronto and Vaughan. We have a client-centric approach in which we think about the end consumer at all times throughout the designing process.

Good web designs will have cleverly placed calls to action, which will prompt the consumer to make a purchase. The web design will also not only be browser-friendly, but it will also be compatible with all devices of all forms and types.

Create impressions that last with our web development agency in Toronto. We aim to put our creative side to the test and help you design an interactive interface that is compatible with most browser types.

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Responsive Website Designing

Responsive web designs attract mobile traffic, which is essential since more than 50% of your consumers will first attempt to open your site through their smartphones and a large percentage of them will give up if your website is not browser friendly.

Good web designs also help you speed up your business processes and gives you an analytics review that we can work on together to help you mark your milestones. We believe in giving you detailed analytics and breakdowns so that you can analyze and derive information from the way customers are interacting with your business and tweak your responses according to their requirements.



Grow Your Business

Map your progress with us as we will help you grow your online business at an exponential rate and work alongside you to improve the process for your end consumers. We at Code Maximus believe in treating your business as our own and will help you carefully devise strategies that can help bring up your business and improve your bottom line.

Good web developers will understand the type of audience your business attracts and focus on making the user experience better so that your client keeps coming back to you. We at code maximus follow this approach to heart and have a four-step process designed that helps us get a near perfect model each time.



Secure Site

We offer web content, CMS development, e-commerce website designing services and development, and client server-side scripting services in Toronto and Vaughan. A well-designed website is also easier to maintain and less prone to external attacks and malicious software which can make your transactions secure and effortless. Secure transactions help you to establish trust and this in return, boosts sales.

Work with us on making a responsive website that is easier to maintain and costs less than having two versions of your website. We also work towards reducing the buyer’s bounce rate and making interactive content that compels the buyer to stay.